HIRO 7.0 is the successor of HIRO 6.2.

Released Version


Release Date



HIRO 7.0 is partially compatible with HIRO 6.2

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome 64 (or higher)

  • Chromium 64 (or higher)

  • Internet Explorer 11

  • Microsoft Edge 15 (or higher)

Please thoroughly read through the documentation.

3. RELEASE 7.0

HIRO 7.0 provides new functionality and some bug fixes.

Arago ID

  • Simplified access to HIRO Instances and user-role management.

Account Management

  • Accounts are created and managed in a single place by their Organization Admin.

  • This enables Organization Admins to:

    • Add or remove users' access to an Instances and Roles,

    • Activate or deactivate users' accounts,

    • Invite new users as well as request password resets.

  • Single accounts can have access across multiple Instances.

  • Accounts can be managed online with users being able to update their own profile and password.

Access and Team Management

  • Access to HIRO Instances is controlled by the Organization Admin.

  • Users can be added or removed from an Instances via their Team membership.

  • Users can be provided Subject Matter Expert and/or AI Experts access per Instance.

Action Handlers / API

  • Action Handler have been removed from the Engine / Engine configuration. The new Action Handlers flow is EngineGraphAction Handler

    • Simplified setup and configuration

    • Action Handlers can be deployed on user’s infrastructure without touching inbound ports on their firewall (which is usually avoided due to security reasons)

    • Users can implement their own Action Handlers following defined ActionAPI protocol

UI Changes

HIRO Desktop

  • Switching between different instances

    • Users can select different instances within HIRO Desktop

    • Ease of use with visibility of all instances in one place

Knowledge Acquisition Tool

  • Review Feature for Subject Matter Experts & AI Experts

    • Allows users to share teaching sessions with their peer group for review

    • Offers feedback opportunity to both Subject Matter Experts and AI Experts on any individual knowledge that was created

    • Progress on reviewed teaching sessions can be tracked on dashboard

  • Pagination is replaced by Lazy-List loading

Task List

  • Pagination is replaced by Lazy-List loading

Task Inspector

  • Pagination is replaced by Lazy-List loading

Knowledge Item Manager

  • Pagination is replaced by Lazy-List loading

Changes affecting end users

  • Easy navigation for users between different applications based on the scope of their role

  • Following applications are available for Subject Matter Experts & AI Experts:

    • Subject Matter Experts:

      • HIRO Dashboard (Subject Matter Experts)

      • HIRO Task List

      • HIRO Knowledge Acquisition Tool

    • AI Experts

      • HIRO Dashboard (AI Experts)

      • HIRO Task List

      • HIRO Knowledge Acquisition Tool

      • HIRO Knowledge Manager

      • HIRO Task Inspector