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  • Functions
  • Definitions
  • Automation Issue Lifecycle
  • Automation Issue Lifecycle - Corner Cases
  • Hints for KI-Writers
  • HIRO 6 - Transition Guide for Users having used HIRO 5 before
  • KI Best Practices
  • KI Debugging
  • Transition from KI Syntax 5

Modifying the context

Whenever you need to modify any data from the current execution context (current AutomationIssue or vertex that issue is currently associated with) do it directly by assigning the required value, e.g.

   myVar = "newValue"
   Node::ogit/status = "visited"

Never use the Graph vertex operations

to work with data from the current execution context, i.e. from the issue currently being processed


Whenever you need to count something, bevore you needed always 2 KI (one for initialization and one for counting), now you can archive this with optional variables

  ? Count := 0
  Count = Count + 1

Division by Zero

When result of division is about to be assigned to variable, if division by 0 was attempted, value of var will be "MathError" (which on the other hand can cause further arithmetic errors if used in following KI’s).