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Table of Contents


This can by used to extract part of a string using a regular expression. Only the first sub-match (first pair of matching parenthesis) will be extracted.

The internal Elixir regex library is used, which is based on PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions). Please refer to the elixir documentation for further details.


result: LOCAL::RESULT = regex("<text to be matched>", expression: "<regex expression>")
Table 1. Arguments
Position Keyword Required Description




String onto which the regex is applied




Regular Expression, needs exactly one SubMatch-Pattern. e.g. "Value: (0-9+) Seconds"

Table 2. Return Values
Tag Description


Extracted substring


result: LOCAL::RESULT = regex("Here is a hidden value 47.11 inside", expression: ".*value ([0-9.]+) .*")


In this example we match a "string" that contains: "Here is a hidden value 47.11 inside". We want to extract the number value from this so our regex matches only numbers with a decimal point.

The resulting match of the regex is "47.11". This value is then stored in the variable RESULT in the LOCAL scope.