Our guides are catered for maximum efficiency to the role a user has while automating with HIRO™. Please select from the below if you’re a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or an AI Expert (AIE).

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

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Expert who will teach HIRO how to automate processes they are knowledgeable on through a chat conversation where they answer questions regarding said processes and tasks within them.

Knowledge Expert (AIE)

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This role will be given to users who understand how HIRO works, and can edit HIRO’s automatically generated code to ensure it has translated content from an SME’s chat conversation correctly into Knowledge Items, which is what HIRO™ will use to automate.


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Admins are able to access HIRO™ and use it like AI Experts do, with the addedd permissions to the Admin application where they can carry out administrative tasks on their instance, such as user management.

Developer (Dev)

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A HIRO™ Developer is responsible for creating and configuring the Action Handlers and Connectors planned in the Solution Design phase. They are familiar with the source and target systems, and the available HIRO™ APIs.

Request Support

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For those times where you need to request support.